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An all-in-one, end-to-end converged solution for voice and data, with zero-touch deployment

The cornerstone of Alcatel-Lucent’s small-to-medium business (SMB) offering is theOmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition (RCE).

It’s easy to install, use and maintain. OmniPCX Office RCE platforms cover any SMB communications needs, from 5 to 200 users. OmniPCX Office RCE Communication servers combine a VoIP core with support for digital. And the OmniPCX Office RCE is backed by a broad portfolio of compatible Alcatel-Lucent products for SMBs.
It’s also ready for the future — able to support next-generation applications and services and designed to increase employee efficiency and customer satisfaction today and as your business grows.

With one-number service on several devices, users benefit from consistent communications features and services on Premium DeskPhones and on desktop and mobile applications: unified call log, instant messaging and three-party conference. This feature consistency across devices and applications helps ensure business continuity.

The OmniPCX Office RCE is at the heart of our complete feature-rich SMB offering called OpenTouch Suite for SMB, an ecosystem that includes:

  • A complete range of wireline/wireless phones
  • Enhanced off-site mobility to keep users connected anytime, anywhere
  • Efficient desktops to increase productivity
  • Customer welcome from simple voice mail to integrated call routing, providing a professional greeting and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Single network infrastructure for voice and data services, which reduces costs

Benefits: OmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition

  • Modular, flexible and scalable to meet the needs of SMBs from 5 to 200 users
  • Offers next-generation enterprise communication experience on PC, deskphones, smartphones
  • Provides full-featured access to enterprise communications services across devices, on or off site
  • Increases communication efficiency for employees, offering new opportunities to reach contacts
  • Increases customer satisfaction by improving call resolution with embedded voice-centric customer service
  • Reduces communication costs and enables a choice of network configurations and IP, IP/TDM or TDM endpoints, minimizing additional investment and enabling a smooth migration thanks to IP telephony infrastructure flexibility and software scalability
  • Reduces total cost of ownership for business communication and conversation services with simplified and unified management
  • Easy installation in full voice environment and/or converged voice/data environment at reduced cost with plug-and-play and zero-touch deployment
  • Optimized installation ready for next generation of communications with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) at the core

Features: OmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition

All platforms are equipped with a high-performance Power CPU Extended Edition with integrated MSDB 8-GB memory card and up to 48 VoIP channels.

Standard features

  • Personal assistant
  • Instant Messaging
  • Integrated computer-telephone integration (CTI) server
  • Ten minutes customized hold music
  • Four system languages
  • Voicemail and user mailbox greeting with two ports and 60 minutes of voicemail storage
  • Four VoIP channel licenses
  • 200 PIMphony basic user licenses for telephony
  • Call forwarding: automatic transfer of incoming calls
  • Supports analog, digital, IP and mobile phones and PC softphones

Additional options

  • Automated Attendant (AA), Multiple AA (MLAA)
  • SIP and CTI openness
  • SIP trunking
Contemporary deskphones for SMBs and mid- to large-sized companies: awarded 2014 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year

Alcatel-Lucent Premium DeskPhones are designed to meet the needs of both SMBs and mid- to large-sized businesses or organizations. Featuring an elegant, contemporary design, they combine improved audio and software capabilities with ergonomic features to provide a superior communication experience.

Wideband audio provides better sound definition and quality. The re-designed speaker phone enclosure produces greater volume and projection. And with a Bluetooth connected handset and headset, you have room to roam.

All Premium DeskPhones and their add-on key modules feature ergonomic details such as an adjustable stand and backlit display for more comfortable viewing, whatever the ambient light. The alphabetic keyboard provides fast access to messaging and call-by-name functions. The easy-to-use navigator and programmable soft keys enable immediate interactivity with phone functions, as well as organization-wide applications and services available from OmniPCX™ or OpenTouch™ communications platforms.

The superb build quality of these phones, as well as their impressive list of features and add-ons, ensures that your investment today will offer excellent communication services for many years to come.

IP Premium DeskPhone models

  • 8068 Premium DeskPhone
  • 8038 Premium DeskPhone
  • 8028 Premium DeskPhone

Digital Premium DeskPhone models

  • 8039 Premium DeskPhone
  • 8029 Premium DeskPhone

Benefits: Premium DeskPhones

  • Wideband audio and ergonomics improve employee efficiency and productivity
  • Easy installation – supports plug-and-play provisioning
  • Easy-to-use feature buttons and interactive soft keys
  • Offers full range of telephony services
  • Support for Energy Efficient Ethernet provides improved energy efficiency
  • Service assurance with SIP survivability

Features: Premium DeskPhones

  • Superior voice quality
  • Optimized ergonomics
  • Omni-directional navigator
  • Dedicated function keys
  • Backlit display
  • Intuitive icons and soft keys
  • Alphabetic keyboard
  • Adjustable stand
  • Wall mountable
  • Compatible with 9 Series (Digital Premium DeskPhones)
  • Compatible with 8 Series (IP Premium DeskPhones)
  • IPv6 ready (IP Premium DeskPhones)
  • SIP survivability (IP Premium DeskPhones)
  • Embedded software encryption capabilities (IP Premium DeskPhones)
A range of IP high-end deskphones providing an immersive video experience and rich features

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 8088 Smart DeskPhone is a sleek and intuitive deskphone designed for professionals. Its 7-inch vivid touch screen, Bluetooth® handset and built-in camera offer a smooth multi-media user experience, with outstanding wideband audio and HD video conversations.

The 8088 Smart DeskPhone also offers an HDMI output for screen replication, and dedicated video HD display on an external monitor – which is an opportunity to transform a significant number of regular meeting rooms into video-enabled conference rooms. With the Smart Guest Application, the 8088 Smart DeskPhonealso has a customizable user interface ideally suited to the hospitality market, perfectly matching guest communications needs and high end hospitality standards.

Using its touch screen with rich contextual menus, Alcatel-Lucent EnterpriseOmniTouch™ 8082 My IC Phone delivers an intuitive interface and high-quality wideband audio capacity.

Benefits: Smart DeskPhone

8088 Smart DeskPhone

  • The elegant design makes it a great brand advocate in all offices or branches that welcome guests
  • The award-winning built-in OpenTouch Conversationuser interface makes HD audio and video communications simple and convenient
  • Intuitive HD video: when at their desk, executives and managers will enjoy comfortable business communications that can be escalated to peer-to-peer or multi-party HD video sessions with a single tap
  • The video display can be extended to an external monitor for more immersive video collaboration
  • Screen brightness is auto-adjusted for a better visual comfort depending on artificial or day light
  • Wideband audio handset and support of ear set for better in-building mobility and excellent audio quality

8082 My IC Phone

  • Reinforces your brand image through award-winning design
  • Delivers streamlined interactions with contextual information
  • Provides quick access to relevant functions through intuitive and easy-to-use menus

Features: Smart DeskPhone

8088 Smart DeskPhone

  • Elegant phone design including large 7-inch color touch screen display
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in 5 megapixel camera with autofocus
  • HDMI 1.4 connector
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Bluetooth® 2.1
  • Wideband audio

8082 My IC Phone

  • Elegant phone design including large 7-inch color touch screen display
  • SIP telephony services
  • Bluetooth handset
  • Wideband audio
  • Industry-specific application packages, such as hospitality packages
Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8118/8128 wireless LAN (WLAN) handsets provide a convenient and practical solution for any business environment. Both handsets are equipped with IEEE 802.11a/b/g standard radio support so that businesses can choose the Wi-Fi implementation that best addresses their need for application segmentation, interference mitigation and user density.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8118 WLAN handset meets most office mobility needs. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8128 WLAN handset extends the capabilities of the OmniTouch 8118 WLAN handset to include a color display, hands-free, Ekahau Real Time Location System (RTLS) support and push-to-talk capabilities for workgroup communications on Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX™ Enterprise Communication server.

Benefits: OmniTouch 8118/8128 WLAN Handset

  • Infrastructure investment protection (compatible with 802.11a/b/g radio networks and WLAN infrastructure standards)
  • Delivers business telephony features throughout the workplace, contributing to improved end-user responsiveness and productivity
  • Interchangeable battery units to support the most demanding enterprise usage requirements
  • Enhanced durability (shock, vibration, liquid and dust resistance)
  • Support for both existing Alcatel-Lucent 300/600 DECT handsets and 310/610 WLAN handsets on existing infrastructures
  • Support for wireless security: Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2) and Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP)
  • Enhanced design, soft case painting for OmniTouch 8128
  • Increased autonomy: Up to 15 hours talk time

Features: OmniTouch 8118/8128 WLAN Handset

  • Supports Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX telephony protocol
  • Supports 802.11a/b/g radio
  • Leverages the Wireless LAN for voice and data applications
  • Delivers high voice quality using standardized 802.11 quality of service (QoS) on OmniAccess™ WLAN infrastructures
  • Supports seamless handover based on the OmniAccess WLAN infrastructures
  • Provides direct access to dial-by-name and speakerphone functions
  • Supports over-the-air software upgrades
  • Supports quick phone parameter configuration through the USB configuration cradle station.
Making on-site mobility an affordable option in all business environments

Alcatel-Lucent Business DECT Handsets take on-site mobility to a new level. The 8232 Business DECT Handsets offer easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable voice communications, addressing mobility needs in evolving business environments.

The 8242 Business DECT Handsets also provide notification and location capabilities in addition to a one-button alarm function for the hospitality and healthcare industries. Designed as a high-end business terminal, the 8242 comes with several enhancements such as a large color screen for readability, HD Audio Ready technology for clear conversation, Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Both Business DECT handsets offer a rich communication experience leveraging the capabilities of the powerful Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise platforms.

Benefits: Business DECT Handsets

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design and intuitive operation
  • Compatible with existing Alcatel-Lucent base stations for infrastructure investment protection
  • Excellent voice quality and business telephony features improve user responsiveness and business productivity
  • Green: Economy mode uses automatic low radio emission power (25 mW peak)
  • Low power mode (50 mW) makes it suitable for demanding environments
  • Notification & Location-based services (8242 only)
    • Location alarm signal when alarm triggered to help locate user
    • Up to 4 notification calls types from server
    • Dedicated alarm key
    • Task monitoring signaling (Hospitality, Healthcare, Warehousing…)

Features: Business DECT Handsets

  • IP-DECT connectivity
  • Keypad and display backlight
  • Hands free, microphone mute and vibrate modes
  • Headset jack (3.5 mm)
  • Antenna diversity
  • Direct micro-USB charging
  • Supports all AGAP features on OmniPCX™ call servers with TDM infrastructure, and on the OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server with IP-DECT infrastructure
  • 8242 only :
    • Large 2.4” screen, 65 thousand colors, TFT display with 320×240 pixel resolution
    • Programmable keys
    • Embedded Alarm Applications: Notification and location based services

Bluetooth headset profile

The mobile application for Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android

OpenTouch Conversation (OTCV) for OmniPCX™ Office Rich Communication Edition (RCE) is a mobile application connected to the OmniPCX Office RCE system. It delivers advanced unified communication services to Apple iPhone®, Android™, andWindows mobile devices, with features including single identity, directory lookup, enterprise telephony, unified instant messaging, and call routing control.

Employees are becoming increasingly flexible by using many devices and services at once, so they can travel and multi-task effectively. By being mobile, users can remain closely connected to their projects, tasks and colleagues while they’re on the move, which ensures business continuity.

This application lets them take all the benefits of unified communications with them, wherever they go – and all features are accessible from a single, easy-to-use interface.

The connection between the mobile device and the corporate infrastructure uses industry-standard encryption mechanisms to protect data transmission, providing optimum security and peace of mind.

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Conversation mobile solutions for smartphones help users increase their productivity significantly.

The application is available to download free of charge from the Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store, and iTunes (Apple Store).

Benefits: OpenTouch Conversation for SMB

  • Users can get anytime, anywhere business notifications (unified call log with instant messages history, voice messages and missed calls) with access to enterprise-grade services, including three party conference, instant message, corporate directory, phone features and communication history
  • Business phone and mobility options can be configured and controlled remotely
  • Convenience of a single identity: one phone, one number and one voicemail box across all devices, on-site and off-site
  • Easy for colleagues and contacts to recognize outbound calls, wherever you dial from: they always appear as the same number
  • Flexible and multi-channel: workers can select the best way to communicate when initiating a conversation
  • Ensures business continuity anywhere anytime
  • Significantly reduces call costs with savings on long distance calls
  • Saves on data charges by using Wi-Fi for data when at the office or at home. Optimized coverage and savings on voice charges by using company Wi-Fi for both voice when at the office (iPhone and Android only)
  • Secures access with HTTPS (encrypted channel) and VPN support

Features: OpenTouch Conversation for SMB

  • Single identity: one phone number across multiple devices (desk phone, mobile, personal computer, home phone)
  • Directory lookup: search local and corporate contacts from an easy-to-use interface
  • Instant access to contacts with single click to call
  • Unified call log with notification of new instant messages, new voice messages, and missed calls
  • Business calling anywhere: choose to dial from a local contact list or corporate directory, favorite contacts list, business communication history, voicemail interface and more using any dial format, including an enterprise dialing plan
  • Instant messaging with internal colleagues
  • Mid-call control: take a call, clear a call, transfer a call, hold/retrieve a call, switch between calls and more, three party conference
  • Telephony presence only with OTCV Windows Phone
  • Control which devices will ring (desk phone, mobile, personal computer, home phone, colleague or other) based on office and mobile profiles
  • Get Call feature can switch a call from a mobile to an office phone instantly
  • Unified business communication history: filter by event type (voice calls and voice messages) or display all events, on any device
  • Visual voicemail: display and manage voice messages with a visual voicemail interface that lets you select, play back or delete messages in any order
  • Distinctive ringing between internal and external calls
  • Business and private call options, with calls processed either
    • by the Alcatel-Lucent communication server (OTCV for Android), or
    • by the mobile carrier, via the app or regular dial pad
  • SIP Companion VoIP option allows use of company Wi-Fi for both voice and data (iPhone and Android only)
A fully integrated telephony application giving any device (computer, smartphone or tablet) the same features as a desk phone

Installed on a user’s desktop (PC or Mac), tablet or smartphone (running on iOS and Android), it emulates an Alcatel-Lucent 8068 Premium DeskPhone.

The Alcatel-Lucent IP Desktop Softphone is the telephony system of choice for remote and on-site workers. This fully-integrated telephony solution provides users with a quicker and more user-friendly access to telephone facilities, helping businesses optimize their employees’ productivity.

The IP Desktop Softphone application is available on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and on the Google Play for Android devices.

Benefits: IP Desktop Softphone

  • Fully integrated telephony solution
  • Available on the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite for MLE (OmniPCX Enterprise and OpenTouch Business Edition connection users) and OpenTouch Suite for SMB (OmniPCX Office RCE)
  • Identical user experience to Smart DeskPhones for fast adoption
  • Helps businesses optimize their employee’s productivity
  • Allows for easy integration of remote and home workers
  • Communication, connectivity and hardware cost control

Features: IP Desktop Softphone

  • VoIP protocol provides all 8068 Premium DeskPhone features on the computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Available on-site on wired Ethernet connection or WiFi
  • Available off-site anywhere the user is able to connect to the company’s IP network via VPN (works on Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G cellular)
  • Available on the OmniPCX Enterprise/OpenTouch Business Edition under MS Windows, Apple Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • Available on the OmniPCX Office RCE under MS Windows, Apple Mac and iOS
  • Business mode or Contact Center agent mode
  • Web based Visitor Onboarding application automatically registers visitors, granting them temporary telephony services via the IP Desktop Softphone on their mobile device
  • User interface can be personalized
  • Similar layout and keys as the Alcatel-Lucent Smart DeskPhones
  • Up to 15 different ring tones
  • Multi-language
  • Compatible with CTI applications (for instance a toolbar)
  • 711 and G.729 codecs are supported
  • ToS supported (Windows and Mac)
Make calls via a PC for ultimate control, powerful features and cost savings

Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony is a high-level, full-featured softphone solution that can transform a multimedia PC into an IP terminal, which is ideal for SMBs, office environments and remote workers.  Four versions are available to meet different user needs:

PIMphony Basic 
PIMphony Basic provides users with standard telephone functions directly on their PC. All features, such as click-to-call, transfer and conference calling, can be managed with a simple click. The application registers and tracks caller identity, call date and duration and more.

PIMphony Pro and PIMphony Touch
The enhanced features of PIMphony Pro are ideal for salespeople or employees who manage significant call volumes on a daily basis and require advanced computer integration. PIMphony Pro synchronizes with contact manager software and supports unified messaging (emails, voicemails and faxes are stored in the email inbox). It also offers dial-by-name and call recording features. PIMphony Touch is a Windows 8.1. Modern UI communication application designed for tactile & HD screens to enrich the existing PIMphony offering.  It takes benefits of Windows 8.1 ergonomics such as different bars, toast notification, live tiles and provides telephony presence as well as instant messaging, in addition to PIMphony Pro features.

PIMphony Team
PIMphony Team is designed for team communicators such as operators and assistants who manage multiple lines. Collaborative features optimize call management and make it easier to supervise and track workgroup activity.

PIMphony Attendant 
PIMphony Attendant is designed for attendant activity. It includes all PIMphony Team features, plus multi-site supervision, mono-site & multi-site user, and system configuration features.

2-month free trial for PIMphony Pro and Team; trial period starts when the first OmniPCX Office RCE user opens their free version of PIMphony.

Benefits: PIMphony

  • Reduces costs: an ideal solution for remote workers as any multimedia PC can be transformed into an IP terminal
  • Allows workers to be mobile and keep costs down while they travel or work on the move
  • The secure, confidential connection uses https protocol to ensure security and compliance for mobile and home workers
  • Increased productivity as employees save time with dial-by-name database access, quick click-to-call, and the ability to manage daily phone tasks easily from their PC
  • Customized communications infrastructure to meet the unique demands of all user types:
    • PIMphony Basicincreases efficiency by simplifying phone tasks and optimizes call handling to improve customer satisfaction
    • PIMphony Pro integrates telephony and computer-based contact management
    • PIMphony Touchintegrated telephony and computer-based management, leveraging the capabilities of Windows 8.1. Modern UI (on Win8.1. Modern UI only)
    • PIMphony Team enhances productivity through better team working
    • PIMphony Attendant allows a single operator to manage calls, phone books and users across multiple sites

Features: PIMphony

  • Unsurpassed functionality, features, reliability, and quality of service
  • PIMphony Basic provides standard telephone features, including click-to-call facilities, transfer, conference, call log (caller identification, duration, date and time of call)
  • PIMphony Pro incorporates all PIMphony Basic features;  dial-by-name, automatic screen pop-ups with detailed contact information from management applications including Lotus Notes™, Microsoft® Outlook™, GoldMine®, Act™ and Microsoft® Access™, voice message management with Visual Mailbox, automatic transfer of voice messages to email inbox with unified messaging, conversation recording function
  • PIMphony Touchfor Windows 8.1. Modern UI users, incorporates all PIMphony Basic features dial-by-name, telephony presence, unified instant messaging, automatic screen pop-ups for calls and instant messages, routing rules, view per contact, visual voice mail, favorites.
  • PIMphony Team: incorporates all PIMphony Pro and Basic features; supervision windows to define services and track workgroup activity, call statistics function, show list of preferred correspondents for the current calling party or list of a person’s co-workers, before one-step transfer, Busy Lamp Field (BLF) displays and monitors all phone sets status (busy, forward, etc.) on a mono-site OmniPCX Office RCEsystem

PIMphony Attendant incorporates PIMphony Team facilities; multi-site supervision, mono-site & multi-site users and system configuration facilities

Customer welcome, call routing and automated attendant features for small businesses

When clients call your office, they should get the best service. The communication system you use should provide reliable end-to-end call management, with a professional welcome and efficient call routing. And, if all lines are busy, the system needs to be able to handle call overflow too. OmniPCX™ Office RCE’s greeting features can provide this.

When staff are travelling or out of the office, calls can be forwarded to voicemail and office voicemail can be checked remotely and securely. To increase productivity, the system can also provide tools for collaborative communications with colleagues as well as integrating with office operations.

Alcatel-Lucent offers a variety of different products, features and applications based on OmniPCX™ Office RCE to create the right customer welcome solution for your business:

  • Greeting messages
  • Phone and PC-based Attendant console
  • Automated Attendant (AA)
  • Multiple Level AA
  • Personal Assistant
  • Voicemail
  • Intelligent and Smart Call Routing

Benefits: Greetings

All customer welcome and greeting options have shared benefits:

  • Simple, easy to use management interface
  • Better customer service and a professional image
  • Improve customer satisfaction with an automated attendant to greet and to guide callers
  • Secure, dynamic call management offers sensitive and confidential call monitoring /filtering
  • Complete, scalable solution that is easy to install, maintain and expand
  • Increase staff productivity with call-waiting queue and agent dispatch
  • Direct forwarding/transfer to the right company department or contact
  • Reduce costs with an always-on combination of receptionist and answering service
  • Save money with a single reception number for multiple sites
  • Alternative or complement to a human attendant position
  • Company information or opening hours available 24/7
  • Low power consumption

Features: Greetings

There are multiple application-based customer welcome and greeting options that can be added onto your chosen Alcatel-Lucent infrastructure. All are based on OmniPCX™ Office RCE.

Greeting messages

  • Up to four customizable company greetings
  • 10-min customized hold music
  • Four system languages

Personal Assistant

  • Automatic call routing to different destinations defined by the user
  • Voice-guided menu for the caller
  • Caller has five possible ways to reach you


  • Two ports and 60 min expandable to 30 hours or 200 hours with hard disk
  • Personal message greeting
  • Password protection
  • Ability to check remotely
  • Unified messaging (voicemail in email)

Smart Call Routing

  • Use multi-criteria rules to instantly connect customer or partner incoming calls to the right contact
  • Route incoming calls by caller number, called number or ID code entered by the caller

Phone Attendant console

  • High-end digital station
  • Internal and external call monitoring
  • Eight attendant groups; eight attendants in a group

PC-based Attendant console with PIMphony Softphone Team or Attendant

  • Up to 15 inbound calls managed simultaneously
  • Single-click transfer
  • Contact card screen pop-up
  • Multi-site supervision and management screen (Attendant)
  • Centralized phone book for up to ten sites

Automated Attendant (AA)

  • Global solution for company welcome called Automated Attendant: One tree, two levels
  • Four functions available: Pre-configured auto-attendant, Customized auto-attendant, Audiotex, fax and modem switch
  • Distinct menus for open and closed hours
  • Statistics
  • Capacities: 10 choices in level 1 menu, 10 choices in level 2 menu, 50 info messages in Audiotex

Multiple Level AA

  • Global solution for company welcome for multi-brand/multi-language companies andadvanced automated attendant needs
  • Capacity:1 to 5 trees, 3 levels with 10 menu choices each, up to 100 voice prompts for the 5 trees

Call Center Office

  • Automatic call routing
  • Up to eight groups and 32 active agents
  • Automatic call routing
  • Caller identification
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Rotating and fixed priority

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